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 Sojiro's promise...

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Sojiro Seta
Sojiro Seta

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Sojiro's promise... Empty
PostSubject: Sojiro's promise...   Sojiro's promise... Icon_minitimeMon Feb 09, 2009 1:17 pm

The camera shows the backstage, where Chris is with Sojiro Seta, right before this one's match against Gersolmer. Sojiro looks quite apprehensive but tries to hide it with the usual empty smile.

Chris: So, Sojiro, you've been placed in a match against your own partner Gersolmer by our GM AC. What are your thoughts on this upcoming fight?
Sojiro Seta: Well, to say the truth, I feel a little uneasy... I mean, one day you're fighting alongside someone for the tag titles, and in the next day you have to fight him, just because our GM is on a bad mood. And the worst part, if any of us quits the match we get both fired, so we must give it all in that match, without even knowing if we're gonna get attacked during it. I wonder what does Gersolmer thinks on this kind of stipu...

Sojiro stops talking as he looks behind Chris and sees someone. The camera zooms out in order to show the two men, revealing that the one behind Chris and walking towards Sojiro is none other than Gersolmer himself. Sojiro's tag team partner, and future opponent for the night, grabs Chris' microphone and stares at The Tenken.

Gersolmer: I don't really care about what you think on the GM's stipulations or on the possibility of we get attacked during our match. All I care about is to prove myself as the best wrestler here in the federation, and in order to do that I need to give it all against whoever I fight, which includes you. The true question you should ask is: Is Sojiro Seta gonna be 100% focused and give it all in this match??

Gersolmer extends the mic towards Sojiro, who grabs it without even taking his eyes from the German wrestler.

Sojiro Seta: You should know better than anyone, Gersolmer. I don't run away from any fight, I live for the fight and always fight with honor and soul. Every time that I enter that ring, I always give everything I possess, every last drop of sweat, every single muscle move, everything in order to win every match. This time will be no different, I'll give everything I got, not only because our contracts are on the line if we don't fight, but also because I want to see just how strong are you when compared to me. But I should warn you, if we get attacked I immediately stop fighting you and I will turn my attention towards the intruder of our space, got that??
Gersolmer: So will I, you can trust me on that. So it's a promise??
Sojiro Seta: It's a promise.

Sojiro extends his right hand for a handshake, which Gersolmer accepts. Then both the wrestlers go to the ring, since their match is right about to start.
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Sojiro's promise...
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