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 Tumatauenga and Fred

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PostSubject: Tumatauenga and Fred   Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:57 am

Fred,The Nightmare is in his locker room training when he feels a presence, he looks up to see Tumatauenga standing at the door.

Fred, The Nightmare: What the hell are you doing here? get outta here or else.

Tumatauenga: Be calm Fred,The Nightmare, I do not come to bring harm to you, not yet, I wanted to thank you for our last match. It brings me great pleasure to know that all the great warriors weren't eradicated from this world thousands of years ago. You showed strength, determination and courage, things a true warrior possesses, so for now I applaud your efforts as a rival

Tumatauenga then turns and heads for the exit.

Fred, The Nightmare: But this surely isn't over between us, I will continue to stand in your way each time you try to bring harm to others.

Tumatauenga turns his head looking over his shoulder.

Tumatauenga: I would expect nothing less my worthy adversary

Tumatauenga leaves the locker room, as Fred, The Nightmare continues his training.
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Tumatauenga and Fred
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