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 Tuma vs Fred again...

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Tuma vs Fred again... Empty
PostSubject: Tuma vs Fred again...   Tuma vs Fred again... Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 9:39 am

Fred,The,Nightmare is walking backstage, making his way to the gym, when suddenly he is swept of his feet by his throat and slammed up against the wall stunning Fred, The Nightmare. As his eye come back into focus he sees Tumatauenga holding him off the floor by his throat, his eyes glowing red.

Tumatauenga: Well, well, well. It seems you and I are destined to battle yet again in the ring with the upcoming Tournament anounced by TCM. You may have managed to defeat me when we last met but be forewarned, it shall never happen again.

By this stage Fred, The Nightmare's breathing has become very shallow as Tumatauenga cuts of his air supply, he begins to feel faint, his eyesight goes blurry.

Fred, The Nightmare: Argghh.....

Fred, The Nightmare looses consciousness, Tumatauenga leans in towards Fred, The Nightmare

Tumatauenga: The battle is on yet again, you shall be destroyed by the end.

Tumatauenga then turns and throws Fred, The Nightmare through the gym door, Tumatauenga then vanishes in a blaze of fire as Fred, The Nightmare lies on the Gym floor unconcious.
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Tuma vs Fred again...
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