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 Taken Away [part 1]

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Sojiro Seta
Sojiro Seta

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Taken Away [part 1] Empty
PostSubject: Taken Away [part 1]   Taken Away [part 1] Icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2009 10:36 am

In the Titantron, Chris is seen walking towards the exit of the arena, as the show is almost over and he was dismissed by AC, when he suddenly notices a fallen body near the exit door.

Chris: Oh my god, what happened here??

Chris runs to it and recognizes Sojiro Seta, who's awakening and grabbing his head in pain. The crowd is in suspense to know what leaded to their idol to be down.

Sojiro Seta: Damn it, it hurts like hell!! Misao, are you okay??

Chris: Misao? Who's Misao?

Sojiro Seta: My girlfriend, I was leaving the arena with her when I got hit on the head.

Sojiro then realizes that there no one there except for him and Chris, which makes him really nervous. He quickly gets up and then starts calling for Misao, as Chris notices a written paper on the floor from where Sojiro was lying before and grabs it.

Chris: Ehm, Sojiro... I believe that this is directed to you...

Chris delivers that paper to Sojiro, who eagerly reads it semi-loud.

Sojiro Seta: 'I got the one you love... if you want her back, accept my challenge... don't try to find her or call the cops, or else...'

Sojiro suddenly snaps and punches violently a door, which gets a hole as consequence.

Sojiro Seta: That does it, next week I'm gonna make sure that I get him!! This is personal, and I'm make him pay for what he has done to me and Misao!! Out of my way, you!!

Sojiro starts running towards the backstage again, as Chris is speechless and the camera slowly starts to fade.

Chris: Oh God, I've never seen Sojiro that mad here at DAM...

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Taken Away [part 1]
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