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 New horror in town

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New horror in town Empty
PostSubject: New horror in town   New horror in town Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 11:29 am

A dark figure waits backstage. As a cameraman walks the mysterious man grabs the neck of the cameraman and yells at him.

???: Get the camera here, I want to say something!!

The scared cameraman switches the camera on.

???: My name is Vampirox and I'm the new horror in D.A.M.

Vampirox finally reveals his face for the camera.

Vampirox: while i was wrestling inindependent promotions all over the world i received a contract from mr Anthony Christaensin to come here and be a member of the D.A.M Federation . the dilemma was big because i have dominated the indies and why the hell whould i want to leave the rusty ring , dark cold house i was leaving just to have a shot here? Well here is why...

Vampirox comes closer to the camera.

Vampirox: ...I come here as a fallen saint looking for the thrill of pain and the loot of sin, I will taste the victory from your blood and feed from your fear. My path to the top will be covered with victims.

Vampirox gets a little away from the camera without stopping staring at it.

Vampirox: Some call me crazy or even psycho others refer to me as genius, one thing is for sure: my name is Vampirox and I'm coming to D.A.M. for blood, your blood...

Vampirox throws the camera to the ground and walks away.
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New horror in town
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