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Hello to all thoughts new wrestlers of the FED and all the old ones that are still here, Many know me as Twister but I am also one of your VGM's ( Only in the forum, not on the show), Im not one of your best VGM's lol but still if you got any question please ask if you see me around or just PM me or one og the other VGMs. But what I am many is you Forum Mod, which is to just keep the Forum update and what not ( I TRY ANYWAYS lol) but anyways what I wanted to tell everyone as your Forum Mods how we would like all of yous to set out your RPs from now on, if you could do this it would make the lifes of us VGMs and the GM him self alot easier and then we can put more time into making a better show then having to spend time Adding things to RPs. Anyways I will show you how we would like yous to set out the RPs will a RP i will use below here, then after i will tell you how to insert pics and what not, anyways this is how we want them.........

The ring is all set with some bordeaux recliner chairs, and mics on it, and a giant screen hanging low on the center exhibiting the name of the following talkshow.

Sojiro Seta comes out to the ring, in a middle of a lot of cheers and applauses from his fans. He throws out some of his shirts to the crowd while coming down the ramp and then enters the ring. He sits on a chair as he grabs a mic and smiles for the cameras and the fans.

Thank you all for this reception!! And welcome to the first edition of OUR talkshow, the "True Night"!!

Crowd jubilates in excitement.

My first guest here tonight is the true mastermind behind all of this work that you love every single week. He's the one that made everything possible here in this federation. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask a proper welcome for the GM of Domination Against Mediocrity, Anthony Christaensin!!

A small boy with a megaphone screams out "Make way for greatness!!" and roles out the red carpet, as Anthony Christaensin makes his way to the ring. Wearing an Armani suit that appears to cling to his body as though it were his skin, then he takes it off to reveal the body of a greek statue standing out of the roof of his Hummer limousine looking smug as always. "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns and Roses blares over the speakers, as AC makes his way to his chair in the ring.

Welcome to the "True Night", GM. Now, before I ask you about the bright future on this federation, I'd be interested in knowing one thing. Why did you decide to create your very own federation, DAM to be more precise?

Well, SS, it was simple. I have done everything in life that one of greatness can do. The only thing I hadn't done was push my body to the brink of its capabilities. So I decided to wrestle and I joined a podunk fed to try and bring it class. The GM of that fed quit and I realized that I run everything in my life, why not run the best fed of all time? The name was simple. We live in a world of mediocrity. No true group of people try to be more than that. Oh sure, there are the individuals who rise above it, but never a large group. Therefore, I decided that I would assemble the greatest group of wrestlers to rise above the other feds. We would dominate them as I do with any venture I take. Therefore, Domination Against Mediocrity was born and I am damn proud of what I, we've accomplished. Next question?

As Sojiro lifts his mic to make the next question, suddenly "Walk with Me in Hell" by Lamb of God (Vid for forum) start playing as Mike walks to the ring.

I'm sorry guys to interrupt you but I had to talk to you Sojiro. It will only take one minute. I'm only here for one thing. I want to face you! One on one, tonight. You see, I've trained hard for the last month, after Joe and I lost the tag titles. As a result I put the blame on me and decided to be stronger and practically lived in a gym to get tougher. 2 weeks ago I challenged Joe in the training ring and it looks I went a bit over it when I left him beaten, broken and scared in the ring.

The crowd stay silent in shock for a second then start to boo and sing "a**hole" chants.

Thank you. I love you too. (turns to Sojiro) Now I want to know if I can beat «The Tenken». I need a stepping stone to fight the big game of this federation.

Wait up there a second! Who do you think you are to come out and ruin my first show, my first True Night? And with the GM for God's sake!!

There cannot be a better time because: one, I KNOW you will listen to me by doing that, and two, our GM can sanction this match and make it happen right now.

How dare you assume that I would grant such a match. This is my, I mean SS's, time to shine and you come in demanding things of me?! Not only will I not grant you such a match but I think that you should learn what happens to people when they demand things of me. Now, since I'm a fair guy, MG will be in a match tonight. However, I will not select his opponent, the man you interrupted will. SS, this is your show, do the honors. And, by the way Mike, remember what happens when you assume. I don't appreciate anyone trying to make an ass out of me. Enjoy the consequences of such an action.

Sojiro and Mike stare at each other waiting for someone to look away.

You heard the man? Now get out of my talkshow!!

Fine ! But if you don't give me what I want, then I'll make sure I'll get it...

With a last angry look at Sojiro Mike walks back up the ramp and in the backstage area. The GM and Sojiro seem quite angry as they discuss something at low-voice and then make their way to the backstage without addressing to crowd anymore.

ok that is how we want them, know to tell you how its done, first as you can see each person how is talking in the RP each has its own speech colour, like in that RP AC's speech colour was RED, now that is just easy to see who is saying what and is easy for yous to do, its better straight forward that part. Now on to pics, now to add a pic first make sure you have the pic you want saved on your computer and like pics like head shots and show dividers can all be found in Fed Cards/Logo's/Dividers topic of the forum, now once you have the pic you want saved in the computer start your RP and now you will see on top of the message body all of those buttons such as colour and what not, the button to insert a pic is called "Host an Image" the button that is below the "Bold Text" button. Now once you have clicked that a Lil window will come up, just press on the Browse button and click on the pic you want to host the click " Host it" then after that a window will come up again with 3 link things, COPY THE SECOND LINK! then press upload then the first window you first seen should come up, now to get ride of the window just press the " Host an Image" button again and it should go away, now you can now paste the link of the pic where ever you wanted it! ok hopefully you got that one lol, now you can do that with the head shots, dividers, and those pics of the wrestler on the monitor ( which you mite have to ask Tuma for, another one of your VGMs). now once you have made the RP and put the speach color on each person speaking, insert the pics. NOw another lil thing, you you are writing someone doing something like of example, Sojiro and Mike stare at each other waiting for someone to look away., please use the Italic text for that, then people will know what it means and it is just how we do it here in DAM, now if you could remember that it would really help, because inserting all those little things can really make you crazy as a Mod lol. Now how to insert a Video, now see the " Insert Flash" Button, all you have to do is put the URL of were the video is from and put in the width and length of the video which you should be able to see on the site of were you got the video from. OK now that should be it,I hope this did not confuse people but if you do have any questions, please PM either ME, Tuma or S.S and we should be able to help with anything. And also for those who are not the best spellers like me and what not, please dont not let that get in the way of you making RPs because Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes can be over looked because as Forum Mod that is my job to fix that so PLEASE do not worry about it because its no biggie to fix but if you would really like something to help you with your spelling when doing RPs, have a look at downloading a spell check you can use on the net, there are a few out there that are free, i got one and it REALLY HELPS ALOT! but anyways like i said DONT WORRY ABOUT SPELLING MISTAKES AND GRAMMA MISTAKES, WE WILL FIX THEM, but if yous could just set out your RPs like above there IT WOULD REALLY HELP, THANKS YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND REMEMEBER IF YOU NEED TO ASK ANYTHING JUST GO AHEAD AND ASK ANYONE OF US VGM, WE WOULD BE PLEASED TO HELP!
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