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 The Beginning.....

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The Beginning..... Empty
PostSubject: The Beginning.....   The Beginning..... Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 3:47 pm

The camera catches BDK walking around back-stage. There is Twister standing there.

Twister: What up dog?

BDK: What up playa?

Twister: Just the man I was looking for!

BDK: Oh yeah! What's up?

Twister: It's all good. Just wanted to thank you for havin' my back last season with this AC and the Frat mess.

BDK: Hey dude, no prob. You know us Bad Boys gots to stick together. Plus them boys been giving you the screw job from the beginning

Twister: Yeah tell me about it. Anyway, you lookin' pretty swoll...you been hittin' the gym hard...huh?

BDK: Yeah well it was a rough first season here on DAM. Got my ass handed to me a few times. So I decided to do that take you vitamins, say your prayers and drink you BEER a lot more during the offseason. HAHAHA. I want to put a whoopin' to some of these boys in the Launch division and see my name on that belt eventually.

Why? You think you and me gonna give it a whirl for the belt?

Twister: Nah...I got bigger and better things to do now. Would love to see you stick it to DOFT though.

BDK: You and me both...plus I would like a little payback for the screw job he and AC and the rest of the Frat boys gave to you.

Twister: Sound cool...as a matter of fact how would you like me to speed up that process and give you a non-title match vs. DOTF???

BDK: A chance to put a hurtin on DOTF?!?!?! Count me in!!! And also count me in on that bigger and better thing you talkin bout!

Twister: Let's head to the Madhouse and kick this off!!

Yeah...one more thing....DOTF...pack a lunch. It's gonna be war and I want to see lots of BLOOD!!! And AC, don't you think you can mess with a Bad Boy and not think they ain't gonna ransack you Frat House!!!
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The Beginning.....
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