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 Three Times the Charm

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Mike Venngence
Mike Venngence

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Three Times the Charm Empty
PostSubject: Three Times the Charm   Three Times the Charm Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 5:57 pm

Three Times the Charm Locker10

Camera fades in on Mike Vengence in the locker room has a look of utter hatred upon his face

Three Times the Charm Mike_v10KIBA!!!!You have bested me time and again in the Ring here in DAM.You have beaten me fair and square and I accept that...but this is far from over.I have only one thing on my mind...it just keeps eating away at me night and day...and that is the day that I finally get my vengeance against you.You have beaten me in more singles matches than anybody...EVER!!!You and Hammer took me and Alex to our mortal limits and bested us...but you forget one thing...Souls aren't mortal...SOULS HAVE NO LIMIT!!!So I vow that with every fiber of my being even if it destroys my mortal body...I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!For I...AM...VENGENCE!!!

Camera Fades out as Mike Vengence gets up to leave
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Three Times the Charm
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