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 Fred`s Anger

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Fred, The Nightmare
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Main Eventer
Fred, The Nightmare

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Fred`s Anger Empty
PostSubject: Fred`s Anger   Fred`s Anger Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 3:04 am

Fred`s Anger Locker10

Fred, The Nightmare is seen walking around in the locker room, angered.

Fred`s Anger Fred_t11 Great, I wanted a title shot and when I get it, what happens?

Fred hits the locker with his fist.

Fred`s Anger Fred_t11 I LOSE MY TITLE MATCH!

Walks around again, trying to calm down.

Fred`s Anger Fred_t11 What's going on? Before, I could beat up anyone that stood in my way, now...

Fred hits again the locker.

Fred`s Anger Fred_t11 ...I lose a very important match!! I'll need more training, and I hope you're hearing DOTF, because I WILL take that championship from you one day!!

The image fades as Fred is with his fist still on the locker.
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Fred`s Anger
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