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 Hidden Special Match

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Sojiro Seta
Sojiro Seta

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Hidden Special Match Empty
PostSubject: Hidden Special Match   Hidden Special Match Icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 4:21 pm

We all know and like to have special matches on TWG, and on the federation that's no different... However, considering the special matches that we have, no one really ever remembered of a special match that we all have, considering very little editing of the match itself:


I hope that you realize that this match would just require the exchange of the referee's name and the insert of his entrance on the match as well... Anything extra that you want to happen there it would need you to give us RPs with that, so that we could place it on the match. Smile

Now that I might have freshed up your mind, please remember to be humble on your special matches requests, as they cost a lot of money to the federation to perform.Other note goes to the guys who you feud with; remember to keep looking at your WS difference, to make sure that you're not fighting someone much higher or lower than you. Use TWG to find out if you're too different to have a good and equilibrated storyline. Cheers and good game!!! Wink

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Hidden Special Match
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