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 V for Venngence ?

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V for Venngence ? Empty
PostSubject: V for Venngence ?   V for Venngence ? Icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 10:17 pm

VampiroX walks backstage holding a hand-held camera

Vampirox starts to talk

Mike last time i saw you blood was all over the place.. Your blood (laughs)
You see we had some interesting talk till Extreme CHAOS almost killed you,meaby i played my part too
but Mike Im not your enemy and the truth is that i see potential in you .SO you may ask your self why the hell i helped Chaos?
The awnser is simple.I want to teach you a lesson ,I know you try so hard to keep the balance,to be right and always follow the codes but i know that inside you a fire burns ,i know that you are tired to follow the codes,

I know Mike....... I know

The first time i realised that was when i saw you beating Chaos .Yes Mike you crossed the line but you kept telling lies to your self Cause you are scared.You are afraid to embrace your dark side

So im going to help you.But for somone to change his soul must first die ,and that is what im going to you Mike.I will kill you, i will kill you Mike so that the real Vengeance will rise

thank me later

VampiroX walks away
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V for Venngence ?
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