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 Chess Play

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Sojiro Seta
Sojiro Seta

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PostSubject: Chess Play   Sat May 16, 2009 9:44 am

Hi, I have an account on chess.com, I'd love to have anyone from here to join the site and play chess, if you like chess. Reply here if you want to join and I'll send you invitations (this will allow me to win trophies and also place you as my friends as well). Smile

Hope to have some people interested in joining. In case you're wondering, you can decide between live and fast games and time set games (like 1 day or 3 days per move), so you got the chance to play games throughout the week or in a matter of minutes. It's your call, and it's chess!! Wink

«If you expect nothing, then nothing will disappoint you.»

Challenge my brute: http://miguelopes.mybrute.com
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Chess Play
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