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 Twisters First appearance in D.A.M (Cont. Back stage)

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Twisters First appearance in D.A.M (Cont. Back stage) Empty
PostSubject: Twisters First appearance in D.A.M (Cont. Back stage)   Twisters First appearance in D.A.M (Cont. Back stage) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2009 4:13 pm

Chris the interviewer is waiting back stage for Twister to walk past
Twister Approaches

Chris: Twister can I have a second

Twister Walks over

Twister: Sure you can, have 2 if you want
Chris: Ha, some people think you were a little crazy talking to the boss like that
Twister: Hell I have to express myself somehow, and if I got to put my ass on the line to do so I will, I ain't going to be nobody's Solider, but the main reason really is i just hate authority
Chris: Well that rap you just performed out there sounded like you where aiming at some of the wrestlers in the FED.
Twister: Well yeah that was the point but i wasn't saying it was aimed at so and so and to be aimed at a certain wrestlers named whoever if ya know what i mean, if you are and act like what i said in out there then its aimed at you, and i will do what i said to those fakers in the song, no question about it.

BAM! Twister is attacked from behind and laid out flat. Chris runs away in fear

???: And that's aimed at you fool, don't be ever talking to the boss like that again, or else you wont be able to get up next time, " no question about", promise you that "homie"

The mystery wrestler walks away

Twister comes to and gets up holding his head

Twister: Dam it feels like i just got hit by a dam TRAIN!

Twister close his eyes and grabs his head in pain as yelling made it hurt more
Twister makes his way to his locker room

Twister: WHAT THE HELL! oww, where is my locker room?, i swear it was here, there was no store room here before, i swear that was my locker room

"The Elite Assassin" is standing near by
"The Elite Assassin" walks up to Twister

The Elite Assassin: Sorry to say but i seen some maintenance guy here a couple of minutes ago taking everything out of there and then covering the sign that was on there with "Store Room"
Twister: No way
The Elite Assassin: NO lie, go look for yourself

Twister walks over to the door and rips off the "Store Room" sign and sees "Twisters Lockers Room"

Twister: NO NO NO, that's was quick, i have only been here half an hour and i was only out in the ring 10mins ago.
The Elite Assassin: That's how things work around here man, sorry but it was kind of a dumb idea to piss off the boss like that, he is a very powerful man
Twister: Powerful ain't nothing if you cant get the common man on your side, and see i have the power to do that
The Elite Assassin: Yeah i did see how the fans out there loved your performance, but the boss does run thing around here and his word always ends up being the last, maybe you should just try staying out of his way for now
Twister: Hell with that, I'm here to turn things upside down now and he'll never be boss to me, he'll only get the title GM from me, hey by the way did you happen to see where they put all my stuff.
The Elite Assassin: I think in that Trash can

The Elite Assassin point to a trash bin
Twister Walks over and opens the trash can

Twister: NO NO NO my dam stuff

Twister starts to pull his stuff out the Trash

Twister: Look what those fool did to my gear, what the hell am i going to do now i got no locker room, i mite not need titles but i need a dam dressing room and my stuff not to smell like a dam bin, you know anywhere i can clean this stuff up and myself

Twister looks at his hand he had on his head and it has blood all over it

The Elite Assassin: Dam what happen to you
Twister: I think the GM sent one of his solider for me, the punk knocked me Straight out, i didnt see them but it felt like a train hit me, i loved to know who it was tho so i can show them what happens to real soldiers, i don't care even if they are as big as a train
The Elite Assassin: ha ha ha, i like your spirit but you don't want to take to many hits to the head at a young age ha ha ha or you mite end up like ali, how about you use my Locker room to get cleaned up and clean up your stuff for tonight since your has been replaced for a Store room (smiles trying not to laugh) sorry
Twister: you sure that's all sweet bro? and i guess its kind of funny, it would be more funnier if it was someone else tho ha ha ha
The Elite Assassin: Yeah its all cool, my locker room is hugh, ha hahahah ha hah and its not funny its a crack up, a make ya wet yourself kind of funny ha ha ha haha hah ahah ah

Twister and The Elite Assassin walk off with them talking as they walk off

The Elite Assassin: its like having a homeless man in the FED ha hah ahah ahah aha, oh my god
Twister: OK its not that funny
The Elite Assassin: what you talking about, its all the way funny hah ahah ahahah ahah homelessTwister: mmmmmmm
The Elite Assassin: OK ill try and stop (smiles trying not to laugh)

Goes back to Commentary

Oscar: Holy that must have been the fastest maintenance man in the world, can someone get me there number, i could use them to fix some thing at my place.
Roddy: Well hows that The GM Took away Twist's locker room, i guess he is going to make thing hard for Twist's and i guess he really didn't like what Twist was like before and he was not bluffing on making his life harder
Oscar:I guess the Boss just don't respect rap music like people like me
Roddy: 20mins ago you said you didn't like in
Oscar:and i already told you, you are lieing cause i would never say anything like that about my beloved rap
Roddy: what ever, lets just get ready for the next match
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Twisters First appearance in D.A.M (Cont. Back stage)
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