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 The rivalry continues...

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Fred, The Nightmare
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Fred, The Nightmare

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The rivalry continues... Empty
PostSubject: The rivalry continues...   The rivalry continues... Icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2009 3:05 am

Tumatauenga is seen walking around in the locker rooms. Suddenly, Fred walks in.

Fred, The Nightmare: Hello, Tumatauenga, as much as I hate to admit it, you defeated me, fair and square. And for that, you've earned my respect.

Fred extends his hand over to Tumatauenga. Tumatauenga thinks it looking at the hand, then at Fred.

Tumatauenga: It takes a real warrior to accept defeat.

Tumatauenga then shakes Fred's hand.

Tumatauenga: Now, if you excuse me...

Tumatauenga turns around, heading to get ready for his tournament match

Fred, The Nightmare: Oh, one last thing... Fred takes a steel chair that was reclined to the wall without Tumatauenga noticing it.

Tumatauenga turns around.

Tumatauenga: Yeah?

Fred violently hits Tumatauenga in the head with the chair, leaving him unconscious.

Fred, The Nightmare: For a god, you're very naive.

Fred turns around and leaves, leaving Tumatauenga unconscious in the floor.
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The rivalry continues...
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